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Alfons Cucó Chair: Forum for political debate

The Universitat de València presented the Chair Alfons Cucó of Political European Reflection on 11th April 2003 as part of the Summer University of Gandia (UEG). This Chair was presented at the Culture House Marqués de González de Quirós in Gandia. The Chair intends to homage the figure of the prestigious Valencian historian, who passed away in 2002. It became a forum of permanent political and intellectual debate. The Principal of the Universitat de València, Francisco Tomàs; the Mayor of Gandia, Pepa Frau; and the professor Joan Francesc Mira presided over the event. Then, there was a debate about political Valencian nationalism (valencianisme polític), which was the title of Cucó’s first book. The journalist Adolf Beltran, the professor Joaquim Azagra, the professor and former Principal Ramon Lapiedra and the director of UEG, Joan del Alcàzar; were involved in the debate. Cuco’s widow, daughter and sister were present at the event. Francisco Tomàs also announced the creation of the Award Alfons Cucó by the UEG and the Publication Service. It consists in the yearly publication of the 2 best doctoral theses in the fields of Basic Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities. In addition, he explained that the Department of Contemporary History decided to use Cucó’s last office as the head office of the Chair in Valencia. He also said that he had been contacted by students to promote the publication of short works of young researchers of several disciplines.

The Principal referenced the Iraq war in the presentation of the Chair: “God has wanted that today, while a war is taking place, we meet to remember a man who was an example of dialogue and commitment to peace.” Finally, he expressed his most “sincere gratitude” to the mayor of Gandia and Cucó’s wife and daughter for her presence at the event. Additionally, the mayor recalled the 12 years “of intense political work” at the Spanish Senate that she shared with Cucó: “being next to him for 3 consecutive terms in office is one of the experiences that have enriched me the most, politically and morally speaking. I think that many progressive politicians owe a great deal to Alfons and his idea of Europe”. He added, “if Alfons was among us, he would join the voice of thousands of people that refuse this pointless war.”