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 XIII Concurso
XIII ‘Business Project’ Competition for Training Cycles and Bachillerato

It consists of the creation of a business project in which an idea and a business project will be presented. The work will be done in groups of up to 4 students led by a teacher.

The objectives are to encourage and stimulate entrepreneurial activity among young people; to promote the development of skills such as observation, initiative, risk-taking, decision making, conflict resolution, social awareness of the environment and teamwork; to reward the initiative and creativity of young people who are studying training cycles or Bachillerato in the Valencian Community by submitting a project to this competition.  

Addressees: students of training cycles or Bachillerato

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Període From 1 december 2020 to 30 march 2021. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday at 00:00 to 14:00.


Lloc Online - Presencial

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Comisión de Relaciones con Secundaria de la Facultat d'Economia de la Universitat de València .


Contact jatienza@uv.es

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