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The path to peace: building just and inclusive societies

Adela Cortina

Date: 23 july 2020 at 18:00 to 19:00. Thursday.


Place: Universitat d'Estiu de Gandia Website


Lecture given by Adela Cortina, Professor of Philosophy at the UV

This conference is included in the fourth block of the 37th UEG dedicated to peace. This block will address goal 16 of the SDG.

In this lecture Adela Cortina will explain how the terrible experience of the COVID 19 pandemic has sometimes led to the false dilemma of "freedom or security" as if authoritarianism were the only way to build peace.

The speaker will reflect on how the enlightened tradition that proposes lasting peace as a goal of ethics and politics considers that peace must be pursued through the democratization of all states, consolidating just and inclusive institutions and ways of life.

Adela Cortina will raise how lethal is the authoritarianism that she has wanted to put forward as the best way to build peace.

Organized by:

Universitat de València.

Gandia International Centre.



Contact: uvgandia@uv.es

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