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Mesval Talks: ‘Trade and the future of cities’


Date: 12 november 2020 at 18:00 to 19:00. Thursday.


Place: Online


Julio Olmos, General Coordinator of the Sustainable Economic Development Area of Valencia City Council, will open this new Talk, with the participation of Eva Blasco, President of CEV Valencia; Rafael Torres, President of the Confederation of Small Businesses; and Isabel Cosme, Co-founder of Blackcape. The session will be moderated by Inés Kuster, Professor of the Faculty of Economics at the Universitat de València.



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Chair for Sustainable Economic Model of Valencia and its surroundings.

Organized by:

Cátedra Modelo Económico Sostenible de València y su entorno..


Contact: catedramesval@uv.es