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The maintenance company provides us services of conservation and maintenance of our buildings.
This maintenance can be: 

  • Conductive: includes activities related with the opening and closing of the equipment and facilities.
  • Preventive: includes regular and systematic operations of verification, inspection, cleaning, adjustment, correction and replacement of the damaged and old parts of the total set to maintain.
  • Predictive: are the operations of inspection of the set, in order to determine its status of service life, and the replacement of the different elements depending  upon its operating parameters.
  • Regulatory:includes  the maintenance operations specified as mandatory or recommended  in the regulations in force or which may be enacted during the term of the contract.
  • Corrective: this maintenance, which is the most demanded by users of the campus, includes non-systematic operations of adjustment, correction and replacement of damaged parts; made it to restore the

The interventions which involve correction of problems or replacemet of existing elements (the most common example: lights, etc.) are included in the contract, and therefore should not involve economic burden if not exceeds the established amount (300 Euros).
Modified: also highly demanded by users, includes recommended operations of correction, replacement, refurbishment, extension and modification of the set to maintain, for its adaptation to new requirements or improvement of its working conditiions. This maintenance is always under review or comes from a previous project. It will be asked a budget to the maintenance company or to other companies if is necessary. If the budget accepted is the one from the company of comprehensive maintenance: the work will be done after the working hours.
From the technical specifications we should highlight:
Emergencies should be attended inmediately, within forty-eight hours, regular works should be attended in a week and the rest within a month.

For those works that require the provision of resources not included in the initial bidding budget,and which will need additional billing, the maintenance company, S.L.  must present a study and evaluation to the work applicant within a period of one week. This period may be reduced to the possible minimum in case of incidents that affect the regular functioning of the University.
Outside the established technical specifications for this service, the coordination Board of the campus agreed that all budgets issued by the maintenance company for any centre, department or campus service amounting 200 Euros will be assumed by the campus.

To request any intervention, the  authorized staff (administrators, janitors, maintenance of the faculty, etc.) could do it through the website of the Maintenance Service.

Labor: Monday to Friday 

Mornings:(7:00-15:00) 689796659

Afternoons:(15:00-21:30)  690940189

Saturday Morning:  (8:00-14:00) 690940189

Technical Manager: Fernando Corbalán Campos 679629069

Non work, night  or weekend

Call Center: 900350365 // 911501110//911501111.