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Fees are public prices published in the annual Budget Execution Regulation of the University of Valencia (UV), which is approved by the UV Social Council and is available at the budget webpage.

The price indicated may be increased by other consumable costs depending on the sample. The amount of these expenses will be determined according to the cost price and will be subject to the variations imposed by the supplier.

The University of Valencia will issue an invoice for the services provided using the data given by the user and applying the rate corresponding to the date on which the service was requested. In some cases, advance payment may be required.

To this end, the user must provide the necessary data to correctly invoice, and check data are correct when making a service request or equipment reservation.

Payments must be made within 30 days after issuing the invoice, by bank transfer to the account indicated on the invoice and indicating invoice number.

The user shall bear all bank charges arising from the transaction.

The user shall assume, if required, all courier costs.

If you have any queries, please contact