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The SCSIE aquarium plant’s goal is to provide interested users (universities, research centres, or any other public or private entity) with the infrastructure, farming techniques and maintenance services for aquatic freshwater and saltwater species necessary for the development of projects requiring experimentation with this biota type.

The section has years of experience in recirculation system use and knowledge, as well as in the maintenance of aquatic species (zebrafish, sea bream, sea bass, trout, eel, turbot, sole, sea bream, sea bream, sea bream, yellowtail, octopus, crab, prawn, oyster, ornamental fish, lake plants, etc.).

Main applications

  • Nutrition (diet tests in aquaculture)
  • Pathology (study of diseases, treatment and vaccine development).
  • Parasitology.
  • Microbiology.
  • Ecology (studies on climate change, pollution, invasive species).