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The section of power X-ray diffraction of the Central Service for Experimental Research (SCSIE), of the University of Valencia, aims to support basic and applied research in the different areas of knowledge where the researchers of the University of Valencia work, Technological Institutes and entities dedicated to the study of materials. Power X-ray diffraction is one of the most useful techniques for the characterisation of compounds and crystalline materials. The non-destructive nature of its components allow its use in a wide variety of scientific disciplines such as Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Materials Science, Archaeology and Environmental Sciences.
The equipment available allows the characterisation of a wide range of materials of diverse nature such as minerals, plastics, semiconductors, ceramics, pigments and in general powdery products obtained from chemical synthesis. The laboratory is intended for the development of studies related to the crystalline structure of the material, identification of crystalline phases from diffraction patterns, structural studies, analysis of the diffractogram profile and high resolution studies from the data analysis by X-ray diffraction.