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The Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy Unit of the SCSIE carry out inorganic and organic analysis and characterisation of materials, and provides basic support tools for the development of research and production activities in many areas of knowledge.

Spectroscopy studies the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter. This interaction causes absorption, emission or scattering phenomena in matter, which allows to identify and/or quantify the analysed sample’s element or molecules.

These are the unit’s services:

  • Analysis of all types of inorganic and organic samples and scientific-technical support for questions related to analytical problems.
  • Development and fine-tuning of the appropriate analytical method for each sample.
  • Results and their interpretation in analytical terms.
  • Dissemination and training for the university community and for companies on the infrastructures available in each case and their applications (seminars or courses).
  • SCSIE Quality Programme.