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The Statistics Unit of the Universitat de València aims to offer to the scientific community support and advice when it comes to the statistics technics that are most appropriate for their research projects.

In this sense and due to the advances in the field of the data collection techniques, the volume of quantified data is bigger. This provokes more complex results ─ measurement of a high level of variables, while in specific areas the number of samples is poor as a consequence of the technic limitations, the costs and / or the time. In many cases, this data does not receive the statistic processing which results in less efficiency when researching (bad optimization and problem statement) and not all the information in the data is extracted.

The existence of a Statistics Unit will make it possible for work teams to be more efficient ─ experimental designs which are more effective will be made, keeping in mind the bio-ethics when the experiment involves animals and the results analysis will be the most appropriate for the data, extracting the greatest amount of information.