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The service has four research platforms:

Affymetrix platform, with modern technology and powerful instrumentation, which enables the simultaneous analysis of thousands of genes in a quantitative and reproducible way. In addition, it allows the analysis of expression microarrays, exons and microRNAs, such as studies of SNP, LOH, mosaicisms and mapping of binding sites of transcription factors and investigation of new transcriptional elements. The Service has the most advanced system of microarrays, designed by the leading company Affymetrix. This system, called Genechip®, provides an effective, reliable and reproducible methodology for obtaining gene information. In addition, this platform allows the possibility of designing your own chip with the parameters and sequences you want.

Massarray CPM® Platform of the firm AGENA, for the study, with research purposes, of biological samples from the area of Biomedicine through the fine mapping of DNA sequences, as well as the analysis of methylation phenomena. This platform, through the combination of the biochemical extension of oligonucleotides and the MALDI-TOFF mass spectrometry technique, allows various studies to be carried out in the field of Genetics, Molecular Biology and Pharmacogenetics. In the same way, somatic mutations present in a sample of carcinogenic origin are determined. Oncofocus© technology offers a panel that allows the analysis of more than 250 mutations present in most tumors, with special attention to lung, breast, colon and melanoma cancers. Its great precision and sensitivity allows to know the genetic profile of the tumor sample even when the mutation has a presence of less than 1%.

Pyrosequencing: With the Pyromark Q48 Autoprep from the QIagen/Werfen brand, the degree of DNA methylation can be measured with great precision and sensitivity and individually for each CPG. In the same disk of 48 positions you can analyze different areas of the sequence up to 200bp and in a matter of hours.

NextSeq 550 platform for massive sequencing of Illumina technology. This equipment offers flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of studies such as the sequencing of exomes and complete transcriptomes, small and medium genomes, sequencing directed to specific regions of the genome, microtranscriptome. In addition, it has a scan function for methylation and cytogenetic arrays.