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The Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy section offers the following services:

  • Elemental Analysis Service:
    • Organic: determination of solid samples to obtain the content of C (carbon), H (hydrogen), N (nitrogen), S (sulphur) and O (oxygen) calculated as a percentage related to weight.
      Applications: Organic and inorganic samples of different origin such as synthesis products, polymers, pharmacist products, food, agricultural products, fuels, sediments...
    • Inorganic: determination of majority and minority elements, traces and ultra-traces in samples coming from any scientific-technological field. The infrastructure of the laboratory allows both semi-quantitative and quantitative determinations to be carried out.

    Applications: The types of samples and areas of knowledge in which atomic spectrometry techniques are really useful are very diverse and may include the following:

    Areas of knowledge: Materials science, environment, food, bioanalytical area, geological, industrial production, quality control.

    Types of sample: Sea, residual and underground waters, soil, food, biological tissues, blood, sera, plasma, urine, lubricants, gasolines, automotive oils, cement and ceramic products.

  • Infrared Spectroscopy Service: widely used technique both in research and in the industrial sector to carry out analysis of characterisation and chemical and structural identification of molecules or analysis of the composition of a sample.
    Applications: polymers, plastics and all kinds of new materials, quality control and characterisation of compounds and active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Raman Spectroscopy Service: it is a non-destructive technique in which the samples to analyse do not need any previous treatment, it offers information about the structure of the molecules, being generally a powerful tool for the characterisation of materials.
    Applications: Analysis of materials, carbon (graphite, graphene, nanotubes) semiconductors, gemmology, archaeology, forensics, drug identification.
  • Fluorescence Analysis Service: it offers the possibility of performing the analysis of the elementary and exact molecular composition of a substance or material. It is a non-destructive technique of enormous speed and high sensitivity.
    Applications: Clinical biochemistry, analysis and quantitative determination of organic compounds and materials.
  • Flash Point Determination Service: is a technique that allows calculating the flash point. This is a substance’s minimum temperature in which its vapours form a combustible mixture with the air.
    Applications: Industries of paints, coatings, inks, perfumes, detergents, petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, fuel oils).
  • Sample Preparation Service: it offers the possibility of processing samples using the following features:
    • Weighing
    • Sample grinding
    • Sample digestion in plate
    • Sample digestion in a microwave oven
    • Acid distillation
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