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What we do?

Our section makes available for users, for the analysis of their samples, techniques as scanning electron microscopy, high resolution transmission electron microscopy, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and confocal microscopy. Always with the support of qualified technical staff in order to obtain the maximum performance of these techniques. Moreover, we have a department for sample preparation with great experience in the preparation of semi-thin and ultra-thin sections of all types of samples and materials.

Service application form

 You should make your request through LIMS

Services offered

Observations and sample analysis

  • High resolution scanning electron microscopy
  • Environmental scanning electron microscopy
  • Transmission electron microscopy and HRTEM
  • Laser confocal microscopy
  • Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy 

Samples Preparation 

  • Preparation of biological samples for TEM
    • Dehydration in alcohols
    • Fixation with Osmium tetroxide
    • Uranyl acetate stainin
    • Inclusion in epoxy resin
    • Semi-thin and ultra-thin cuts of samples for ultramicrotomy 
  • Preparation of biological samples at low temperature
    • Cryofixation
    • Cryosubstitution
    • Inclusion at low temperature
    • Cryo-ultramicrotomy 
  • Preparation of semi-thin for optic microscopy
    • Inclusion in paraffin.
    • Microtomy.
    • Staining (Hematoxylin/eosin/Toluidine). 
  • Preparation of samples of materials sciences for TEM
    • Preparation of samples of powdered materials: preparation over TEM grid.
    • Preparation of samples of compact materials.
    • Preparation of sample materials in thin layers (cross section) 

The service has the following equipment for the preparation of  samples:

  • Ultrasonic Disc Cutter (model 601)
  • Disc Grinder Gatan (model 623)
  • Dimple Grinder (model 656)
  • Diamond wire cutter Well 4240
  • Ion Polisher: Ion milling Fishione 1010
  • Critical Point Dryer with CO2
  • Au-Pd coating by sputtering

How to access to our services?

To access to our equipment previously the researcher responsible of the project has to send us his contact information and the tax ID number of the center or company where he develops his activity. With this information we will register you in our database of users, and we will give you an ID and an access password in order you can book the equipment through our website.

Additionally, any of the members of your research group that come to work in our equipment should be authorised previously by the responsible person of the project, either by e-mail or by a signed document. Once, the new users are authorised they will be trained in the use of the equipment during three sessions of work, using the users’ own samples. In this way they will obtain results since the first day.

If you need more information about the service or you want to make any type of query please contact the staff of the section.

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