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"The Unknown", de Sandra Sasera.






The exhibition “The Unknown” by photographer Sandra Sasera Cano creates a game of perception that invites viewers to dream. Set in New York City, her photographic project builds, through a series of characters, a puzzle of individual stories that are brought together by the audience. The artist focuses on anonymous people and isolates their experiences with a view to creating an incomplete story whose interpretation depends on the feelings and moods of those who gaze at her images. Thus, “The Unknown” is conceived as an interaction between the author and the viewer in which the latter sets the course of the story. Photography is used as a means of expression to create fiction, encouraging us to reflect about the tight limits of “truth”.









The exhibition stems from a project completed within the framework of a photography masters at Escola Espai d'Art Fotogràfic in Valencia. Students undertook a photography project based on a specific topic “New York: the right mood”. All the series taken in the masters were supervised by the School Principal, Nicolás Llorens, and international photographer Philipp Scholz Rittermann. The main goal of the masters course was for students to complete a professional, artistic and personal project, to help them enter the professional scene with support from the School. From all the projects, an expert jury selected Sandra’s works, which earned her a monographic publication and the production of the exhibition –financed by Espai d'Art Fotogràfic– now held at Martínez Guerricabeitia Trust, at La Nau Cultural Centre of the University of Valencia. The jury of the Photography Masters included Francesc Vera (photography lecturer at the Fine Arts College of Valencia’s Polytechnic University), Romà de la Calle (professor in aesthetics and art theory from the University of Valencia) and Tomàs Llorens (art critic).