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Office of the Vice‐Principal

Among its main goals, the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society of Universitat de València aims to disseminate its immovable heritage.
The historic La Nau building is undoubtedly the bastion of the University of Valencia, with regard to both the construction itself and its contents. This exceptional building located in the centre of Valencia constitutes the very history of the University and also holds part of the University's most important collections.
Apart from witnessing history, the University has sought to preserve La Nau and turn it into the institution's main cultural reference. This is why the Historic Library coexists with the former Office of the Principal, the auditorium, the Aula Magna, the Matilde Salvador room, the chapel, the exhibition rooms, the lecture rooms and the management offices.



Booking spaces:

     - Institutional: vicerec.cultura@uv.es (Cristina Rovira)

     - Others: reservesnau@uv.es (Ana Bonmatí, Amparo Soriano)


Presentation of proposals and cultural projects:

     - Exhibitions: norberto.piqueras@uv.es

     - Music performances: aulademusica@uv.es   (Guillem Escorihuela Carbonell)

     - Performing arts: auladeteatre@uv.es (Laura Monrós)

     - Literature: literatura@uv.es (Cristina García)

     - Cinema: auladecinema@uv.es

     - Comic: auladecomic@uv.es (Álvaro Pons)

     - Ars Frumentària: rosa.marin@uv.es

     - Historic: ahmd@uv.es (Francisco Javier Navarro)

     - Cultural Studies observatori.cultural@uv.es (Raúl Abeledo)

    - Conferences and debates: cultura@uv.es



      -Journalist: magdalena.riuz@uv.es