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Services Charter and Good Administrative Practice of the Support Unit for Culture

Services Charter and Good Administrative Practice
In an ongoing process of improving the functioning of public administrations, the necessary tools and resources must be incorporated to meet the social demand that claims to the public sector a service of higher quality and efficiency.
The Services and Good Administrative Practices Chart is the expression of the commitment to attendance of the Culture Support Unit towards all our users, both internal and external.
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The Support Unit of the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Sport is in charge of collaborating, within the University of Valencia, in the coordination and development of the policies and issues related with three functions of the University of Valencia stated in the Statutes:
Participation of the university community in culture.
Extension and dissemination of culture in society.
Conservation and dissemination of its heritage.
The objectives of the University of Valencia in culture and heritage are defined in the article 3 of the Statutes (approved by the Decree 128/2004), of 30 July, of the Government Council, DOGV 3-8-2004), that among its objectives, the dissemination of culture within society, as well as to stimulate intellectual and cultural activity:
Article 3
The University of Valencia, as public service, has as a mission to teach the lessons needed to train students, the preparation for professional or artistic life and for obtaining if is necessary the academic qualifications, as well as for updating permanently knowledge and training of its staff of all teaching levels. The University of Valencia promotes research, both applied and basic, and the development scientific and technological. With the guarantee of rationality and universality, it is an institution that disseminates culture within the society. The University of Valencia stimulates and hosts intellectual and critical activities in all the fields of culture and knowledge.
This mission is extended, specifically, in the field of cultural heritage in the article 12 that states the conservation and dissemination of cultural heritage as one of its objectives:
Article 12
The cultural heritage of the University of Valencia consists of the movable and immovable assets of historic, architectural, archaeological, paleontological, ethnological, documental, bibliographical, scientific and technical values or of any other kind of cultural nature that exist in the University of Valencia. The University is committed to preserve and disseminate the different values of this heritage and, in particular, its historical library.
Finally the article 10 recognises as a right of the university community the promotion of cultural activities, that is to say, the active participation of the members of the community in the cultural life of the University:
Article 10
1. The rights of the members of the university community, in addition of those recognised in the laws and other articles of these Statutes, are the following:
e) The promotion and implementation of cultural, sporting and recreational activities.
Summarising, of the content of the Statutes derives three fundamental aims and objectives in the cultural field: participation of the university community in the culture, extension and dissemination of culture in society, and conservation and promotion of heritage.