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EN TUS ZAPATOS. Presentation of the results of the project and of the works carried out by the participants of the workshop on creative expression.

Centre Cultural La Nau, Sala Oberta









“En Tus Zapatos” (In Your Shoes) is a project of art mediation and educational intervention for the development of socio-emotional competencies, which base its main base its main activity in a workshop on creative expression..


The image of the series Zapatos (Shoes), by the Valencian author Antonia Mir, whose foundation sponsors this project, inspires the metaphor from which it take the name and sense; putting oneself in someone’s else shoes, to empathise. The development of empathy opens the door to a prosocial behaviour which makes possible a constructive connivance climate, favourable to learning, and where discrimination of any kind or violence is not accepted.






This project is addressed to a group of students of a Secondary School located in the Valencian neighbourhood “El Carmen” who, by means of different group dynamics and technical artistic expression, have had the opportunity to explore their conflicts, to understand their classmates, and learn how to interact with each other in an assertive manner.


With the exhibition of the participants’ work, apart from showing the results product of the expression workshop, it is aimed, above all, to address the following objectives: fostering the co-operation among classmates, strengthening the awareness of belonging to a group, favouring the development of self-stem and empowerment, and stimulating motivation.


In the exhibition, through the symbolic language of art, the experience lived by each student as a member of the group system of their class is shared: their shoes will give place to ways and steps which leave trace.