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Epistemologies for the HIV/AIDS prevention

Poster Silence=Death
Prevention campaigns have generated a social representation of the AIDS, which forms part of the shared social knowledge and is used to orient the responses to this disease. Experienced the failure of generic information -mostly addressed to general public-, this exhibition is focused on those campaigns intended for different social, sexual, ethnical and cultural categories. These campaigns should be able to broach without taboos topics such as sexuality, pleasure, drug abuse, disease and death as well as to provide complete and explicit information about preventive behaviour regarding each kind of praxis.
From institutional silence on the first stages of AIDS until the little impact of current prevention campaigns. The exhibition goes through several moments of the evolution of the preventive discourse, frequently running parallel with scientific and social advances -and also politics.

Prevention campaigns were the main source of information and knowledge -sometimes the only one- able to reach communities affected by misinformation and institutional silence.

The exhibition also analyses other aspects of socials representations, such as the need of ending the stigmatization of the affected, promoting respect and dignifying their lives.

Through posters and other media, some epistemological links have been established. They can be understood as units in which connections of other social representations converge, forming a collection of knowledge which allows us to understand how they have influenced prevention and some attitudes towards the AIDS. These links are presented as acquisition and formation processes of knowledge, having an impact on social and individual bodies.