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Objectives. Dones fotoperiodistes © Germán Caballero







11 photojournalist women from Valencia shape a photographic project about the lives of 11 women who break the mould and are an example of personal development and courage. A joint exhibition of photographs by Raquel Abulaila, Consuelo Chambó, Emma Ferrer, Marga Ferrer, Eva Máñez, Irene Marsilla, Provi Morillas, Eva Ripoll, Amparo Simó, Almudena Torres and Mónica Torres. Experiences that show extraordinary stories to be found in 66 images presented in the Cloister of La Nau Cultural Centre of the UV. An open window to their working, social and family life thanks to the monitoring done for months.



Begoña Urmeneta © Consuelo Chambó
© Raquel Abulaila
© Consuelo Chambó
© Emma Ferrer
© Marga Ferrer
© Eva Mañez
© Irene Marsilla
© Mónica Torres
© Amparo Simó
© Almudena Torres
© Eva Ripoll
© Provi Morillas
Maider Castillo © Amparo Simó