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Paco Berdonces, <em>La soledat de la màscara</em>, vídeo
Paco Berdonces, La soledat de la màscara, vídeo


We can define a mask as a figure that represents a human, animal or purely imaginary face. It may help people cover their faces to go unrecognized or pretend to be someone else, which gives unlimited possibilities and games for Paco Berdonces.

Paco Berdonces graduated in Fine Arts in 1986, although his began his career in the 1970s since as a self-taught artist. The evolution of his work takes him in pursuit of the expressions of the human body, specifically the face, the expressions of which change similarly to masks. As the artist himself explains, as a humanist, he is personally interested in the figure of the man and, in particular, one’s face “where supposedly the truth lies”. “The portrait has to do with his truth”.

Thus he invites us to reflect on a new approach of looking, born out of the need for new ways of thinking that allows us to set limits to our technocratic delirium and devastation and, therefore, to ourselves. This immense work will have to begin by finding a new approach of looking at things (and therefore, recognising them) in order to break the cage in which we are trapped.

Paco Berdonces began organising his exhibitions in 1974. Since then, he has opened more than thirty individual and collective exhibitions. He received the Second Prize for Painting at the 18th Biennial of Alexandria, held exhibitions in Egypt and Italy, and was selected by the Traetta Society of London to design and make the statuette of the Traetta Prize.