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THE EXHIBITION ‘(SIN) MODELOS (N)I PATRONES’ (WITH(OUT) MODELS ‘N’(OR) PATTERNS) BY VÉRONIQUE BOUISSIÈRE presents a set of reflections- transgression essays of the established language- carried out using the technique of collage, from graphic elements coming from current or old periodic publications which refer, mainly, to the world of fashion, field which insists on fixing, the external image of men and women: an ‘image’ which does not cease to be a reflection of the roles one and the other are supposed to carry out in a world like the one we live in.

The way of working - cut, cut out, agree with the colours, link together the shapes, fold them, attach them...- is, from the very beginning, very similar to how you “create” an item of clothing. This will  be thank to the contrast among uneven elements -or similar, or parallel, or related to the power among them which is completely unequal- which start appearing on the space of work, on paper, and on every own contradiction to our identity.

The exhibition will be structured in sequences, with distinguishing titles, with the willingness to engage the words across the images, to demonstrate the speech which always goes with that that appears to be simply formal. The titles are the following: sport?; psychology; the gaze; the dances; one and others; wrinkles 1; wrinkles (continuation and end); diptych; faces; anatomy; old moderns; equivalences; foliage. (within the windows, we find the exposed images next to its work on the words- a job conceptually parallel to the one which justifies the exhibition- and which was carried out by Véronique some time ago and a part of which was published in her book Propos de Poche Paris, Éditions 1:1, ‘Vita Nova’, 2011; book which helps to clarify in what ways she uses the scissors to awaken different feelings).

It is, as a starting point, a critical suggestion about how-I-should-show-myself or about who-I-am-to-make-myself-be-seen-this-way...  or how close I am to be caught with my pants down (if there is something which is not where it should). It is a work which deals with the fine line between ‘beauty’ and monstrosity, and ‘abnormality’; the line between attitude ‘artificialisation’ and the ways of being presented; it is also speaks about the establishment- at least since the second half of the 21st Century- of a ‘beauty market’, essentially addressed to women, and which started back with the first magazines addressed to them, which were sometimes accompanied by the subtitle ‘for the family’, from which Véronique gets her inspiration: Revue de la Mode. Gazette de la famille, La Broderie illustrée. Journal artistique et pratique de travauz féminis, Magasin des demoiselles, Le Petit écho de la mode, Ève. Journal féminin illustré du dimanche… The counterpart comes from current magazines and newspapers, not necessarily French- the greatest precursors of the world of fashion. Advertising today expands worldwide.

However, the reflection does not end here, such work also mentions other topics about the papers “attributed” to women and men. It insists on the topic related to representation, fragmentation, mood and consciousness, irrationality, formalism, politics, wishes, time, power, life as a show...in research of some kind of surrealism that could trigger the spectator’s reaction and sensitivity.





© Véronique Bouissière