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Patrimonio Nacional


Nits de Cinema 2021. Berlanga i la comèdia. Centre Cultural La Nau


1981 / 101 min / Comedy / Colour / Spain / +12

Original version in Spanish

Presentation and discussion in charge of Ramón Alfonso.



The Monarchy is back. The Leguineche as well. In the second instalment of the Leguineche saga -preceded by La Escopeta Nacional and completed with Nacional III-, following the end of the Francoist regime, the Marchese of Leguineche returns to his Madrid palace. After thirty years of voluntary exile in his Los Tejadillos estate, he intends to get close to the King and resume the ostentation and the former courtesan life.

But the attempts to reach the Royal House won’t be so easy, creating nonsensical situations between the curious characters composing the old Marchese’s family.


Luis García Berlanga

Luis Escobar, José Luis López Vázquez, Amparo Soler Leal, Agustín González, Luis Ciges, José Ruiz Lifante, Mary Santpere, Alfredo Mayo, José Luis de Villalonga, Syliane Stella.

Luis García Berlanga y Rafael Azcona

Carlos Suárez

José Luis Matesanz



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