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The objective of The taste of mathematics is to approach people to mathematics with art, through a component of importance for us: gastronomy, using as a mean photography, third facet of art in this exhibition.
What we present here are the twelve dishes that José Carlos García, Pedro Castellano and the rest of the group have created and the mathematician and photographer Pedro Reyes Dueñas  has captured with his personal stamp. Carried by his love for mathematics and cuisine, the mathematician Mercedes Siles Molina proposed to José Carlos García, head chef of the restaurant Café de París Málaga, awarded since 2002 with a Star Michelin. She asked him to create dishes inspired in geometrical shapes. She also asked the photographer Pedro Reyes Dueñas to make the work permanent and that he show that intimate dialogue between cuisine and mathematics.
This shortlist of three candidates, mathematics-cuisine-photography, has shown its perfect harmony, booster each one of the imagination of the others.
What you see, in the upper part, in colour, are the twenty created dishes.  There are two images of each one of them: one in the upper part, and under it a photography of the same dish from other perspective; near this one, there is a solarisation (negative of the image) in which emphasise, in gold, a geometrical shape, source of inspiration and algebraic formula of the same geometrical shape (made with Surfer).
If you look at the walls from the distance, you will see that there is a part in colour and other in black and white. The last one describes the process followed to get the dishes you see. It starts with the image in a glass, invitation to the gastronomic pleasures that may be enjoyed, with the preparation of the room where it will take place the sampling. With the beginning of the idea, the research of raw materials, the collection of the recipe, the preparation and the presentation of the dish... And it ends with a image of all those who have collaborated in the process.
The group in colour and in black and white are similar to the statement of a theorem and the prove of it. There are also mathematics in cuisine. Enjoy them.