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Exhibition banner © Antonio Ballesteros
Exhibition banner © Antonio Ballesteros

Premi d'adquisició 2019

Col·lecció Cañada Blanch 6a edició

The eloquent relationship between what is temporal and timeless in the artistic object is somehow its eternity. Every piece of art is loyal to its time period per se. Art reclaims it as a subject and demands it decisively to implement all its meanings and experiences in its condition of durability and calm. This issue opens at least three approaches. First, the notion of time defines every piece of art. Secondly, the different ways in which it could be addressed or represented the notion of time.  Finally, the main objected that tries to express in the exhibition, the necessity of a contemplative willingness in the audience, whose task is registered in the experience if a quiet time against the anxiety of the fugacity and consumption of time. Taking all this aspects into account, the exhibition determines as a priority to highlight the protagonist role of this last condition: this means to put tempus quietare ahead of tempus fugit.
Greta Alfaro, European Dark Room, Video HD, color, so, 2010. Galeria Rosa Santos.
Considering this perspective, the creators and artists who meet in the Sala Estudi General suggest that the itinerary will summon this quiet time. We understand that it expands the duration of the pieces that are not only isolated in their themed temporal context but they converge in spreading its beauty through the most unused aesthetical recognition, which is against the lack of control of what is consecutive and momentary. This is a lineal and historic time, time for walking, remembering, living, and environmental and climate time, a political time... But they all are located in a meditation that contemplates the vindication of a calmed time where thinking is what organises time, and not the contrary.
Promoting the Award-Acquisition of the Cañada Blanch Foundation, the cultural commitment of the Valencian gallery sector is underlined. This sector is represented by La VAC (Contemporary Art Gallery Association of the Valencian Community). Another goal is to raise awareness about the economic and intellectual links historically promoted by the Foundation. The Universitat de València has always been attached to these bounds and, in this edition; they have been improved in all the fields.  Additionally, the current exhibition tries to highlight this idea, whether it is showing the work of the artists or gallery owners or contributing to create the aesthetical lines that could define progressively the artistic fund of the Foundation, or reflecting and debating about the symptoms of our time. In conclusion, the objective is achieving that the audience enjoys it from the very contemporary artistic act in its heterogeneity network of alternatives, diagrams, materials and arguments.
Ricard Silvestre
Universitat de València – Estudi General.
The jury is formed by:
•     Lorena del Corral (art critic)
•     Luisa Espino (art critic)
•     Manel Costa, (Membre del Patronat de la Fundació Cañada Blanch)
•     Juan Viña (President of the Cañada Blanch Foundation)
•     Paula Sánchez (Director of the Cañada Blanch Foundation)
•     Norberto Piqueras (Manager of the exhibitions of the Cultural Centre La Nau of the Universitat de València) 
Participating galleries (18):
Luis Adelantado
The Blink Project
SET Espai d’Art
Galeria Punto
Canem Galeria
Rosa Santos
Galeria Cuatro
IB ISABEL BILBAO  Galería de Arte
Galeria Benlliure
Galeria Vangar
Espai Tactel
Alba Cabrera Art Contemporani
Shiras Galeria
Galeria Thema
La Merceria
Plastics Murs
Greta Alfaro European Dark Room #4, C-Print. Galeria Rosa Santos



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