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Session at La Nau


Session at La Nau

Inclusive Culture: social intervention from artistic practice

Office of the Vice-Principal for Equality of the Universitat de València is developing the project of social and educational and community intervention for the participation and the social inclusion through art and culture: Nau Social.

The objective of this project is to reaffirm and showcase the role of art and culture as a tool for integration and social cohesion, and the artistic and cultural places, as dialog, knowledge and personal and community enrichment creators.

Registration ends on 27 February


Període From 5 february 2016 to 27 february 2016. Every day at 13:40 to 23:59.


Lloc Aula Magna (Universitat, 2)

Organized by

Vicerectorat de Cultura i Igualtat.



Contact cultinclusiva@uv.es