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The Management Committee is the highest body of joint management of the Doctoral School of the Universitat de València.

In accordance with the article 5 compiled in the regulation of internal rules of the Doctoral School, approved by Agreement 97/2014 of the Governing Council meeting of 24th June, the functions of the Management Committee are:

  • To inform about the viability of material and human resources of doctoral program proposals and their modifications.
  • To establish the strategic lines of the Doctoral School, linked to the research strategy of the Universitat de València and, when appropriate, the School's collaborative entities.
  • To propose the deadlines for admission, registration and other common administrative procedures related to doctoral studies.
  • To approve the training activities of the Doctoral School.
  • To appoint external evaluators and tribunals to judge doctoral theses, at the proposal of the academic commissions.
  • To resolve, with a prior report from the body responsible for the programme, any conflicts that may arise in relation to the agents involved in the doctoral programme development.
  • To develop, approve and modify the Code of Good Practices of the Doctoral School.
  • To develop the budget proposal of the Doctoral School.
  • To report on the execution of the budget.
  • To approve the criteria and procedures for the award of doctoral adjustments.
  • To ratify the agreements of the Permanent Board.
  • To establish, if necessary, committees to advise and facilitate the management of the Management Committee.
  • To propose to the Governing Council a maximum of three candidates for Director of the Doctoral School. To submit candidacies to the Management Committee, the interested party shall apply a written acceptance of each one of the candidacies, the presentation of a brief research and management curriculum of the candidate, the project-program to be developed, the proposal of the team (that will have to integrate members of the three university campuses), and it will have to be accompanied by the endorsement of a minimum of 9 coordinators of Doctoral Programmes.
  • To formulate a motion of censure to the director of the Doctoral School, at the proposal of one third of the members of the Management Committee, which must be approved by an absolute majority of its members and which will imply their dismissal.
  • To carry out those other doctoral functions determined by the Universitat.

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