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A) 30% Adaptation of the studies to the profile of the Doctoral Programme. (The students holding a Master’s Degree in Physics will get the maximum scoring. The students possessing a Master’s Degree in Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering will get between 0 and the maximum scoring, according to the correlation between the specialisation developed in the Master’s Degree or their previous studies and the research lines specific of the Doctoral Qualification).
B) 40% Average mark of the Master’s Degree academic record record. (1)
C) 20% Average mark of the Undergraduate Degree/ Licenciatura academic record (Former Spanish Undergraduate Degree). (1)
D) 10% Curriculum vitae (*) with supportive evidences. To evaluate this part, if it’s considered appropriated a personal or telephonic interview to the applicant about the merits alleged will be carried out (The existence of academic awards, participation in courses or summer activities developed in prestigious research centres, professional experience related to research will be also considered in this section). (2)


(1)To evaluate this section it will be required to attach the corresponding marks record (or the average mark), along with the rest of administrative documentation trough the pre-registration online service of our university.

(2)To evaluate this section it will be necessary to attach an updated CV, together with the rest of the administrative documentation through the pre-registration online service of our university.