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Rest of Teaching and Research Staff: Publicly-contracted staff with a doctorate and university-contracted staff

Table Location Composition Census
 B1  Faculty of Geography and History. Boardroom  Faculty of Geography and History 73
 B2  Faculty of Language Studies. Staffroom  Faculty of Language Studies 100
 B3  Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences. Hall  Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences 58
 B4  Faculty of Psychology. Boardroom  Faculty of Psychology 80
 B5  Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. Office of the dean  Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry 351
 B6  School of Nursing. Boardroom  School of Nursing. Boardroom 73
 B7  School of Physiotherapy. Hall  School of Physiotherapy 60
 B8  Ausiàs March Teaching Training School. Staffroom  Ausiàs March Teaching Training School 72
 B9  Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. Assembly Hall  Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences 24
 B10  Faculty of Chemistry. Conference room. Building E  Faculty of Chemistry 72
 B11  Faculty of Physics. Office of the dean  Faculty of Physics 181
 B12  Faculty of Mathematical Sciences. Conference room  Faculty of Mathematical Sciences 36
 B13  Faculty of Biological Sciences. Hall  Faculty of Biological Sciences 107
 B14  Faculty of Pharmacy. Hall at the office of the dean  Faculty of Pharmacy 105
 B15  Faculty of Law. Conference room. West building  Faculty of Law. Conference room 209
 B16  Faculty of Economics. Hall  Faculty of Economics 214
 B17  Faculty of Social Sciences. West building E02  Faculty of Social Sciences 116
     Total 1931