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First, find out about the alternatives. In these links you can see the travel times from your location to the campuses. Caution: the travel time by car does not count the time of finding parking and walking to the destination.

to Blasco Ibàñez

to Tarongers

to Burjassot-Paterna

  • On foot

If you live within 2 kilometres it is the best choice. It is quiet, free, without traffic jams or rush hours and is good for health and for the environment.

For city routes, the best option is bicycle: fast, cheap, with predictable travel time, immediate availability, quiet and clean. Valencia is flat and in good weather, and the three campus can be reached by bike lane.

For distances over 10 km usually motorized transport are required. Use public transport when you can, and if you come by car or motorbike, share them.