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According to the Law for occupational risk prevention, medical examinations have to be made specifically depending on the job’s resultant risks.

Specific and regular medical examinations will be made according to the kind of risk of the employee, implementing the appropriate protocols. 

Health check-ups are made at the health offices of the three Campuses of the UV. Each health office sends a letter to the person in charge of a building, the administrators or the head of the service, with the appointment to make the check-up, for the purpose of being distributed among all the staff. The letter shows the dates on which workers can go to the health offices to determine the date of the analysis. At the time workers come to the office, they can make an appointment for a blood extraction. The same day of the blood test they make the appointment for the check-up. The results of the different tests and check-ups are assessed by a doctor in each campus. Employees are informed individually.

Likewise, the worker may refuse to undergo this medical exam, as long as it is not considered mandatory. In this case, the interested part shall send this waiver form duly signed to

A list of some of the types of examinations. The article 37.3.b of the Reglamento de los Servicios de Prevención (Regulation on Prevention Services) establishes that the health-monitoring must be carried out:

  • INITIALLY: when a new employee joins a company or when assigning different tasks with different risks for health within the same company, health-monitoring must be ensured. These health examinations are designed to know the initial health state of the employee, so it can be determined in subsequent tests if their health state has deteriorated.
  • PROLONGED ABSENCE: health-monitoring must be applied to employees who resume their work after a long absence because of health issues (long medical leave, because of working reasons or others). This medical examination intends to discover possible work-related causes for the damage and obtain guidelines for recommending an appropriate action to protect these employees.
  • REGULARLY: health-monitoring must be carried out regularly. So it allows to study the evolution of the employee's health and the possible relation to the working conditions. The regularity of health examinations is not fixed, it depends on the kind of risk (according to the specific protocol), the level of exposure and the characteristics of the employee.
  • BECAUSE OF DAMAGES TO HEALTH: carrying out health-monitoring will be requested to the Prevention Service when there are work-related damages. Health-monitoring will be carried out in all cases, meeting the characteristics regulated by the article 22 LPRL (voluntarily, secretly, free of charge, proportionally to the risk, etc).


People who work with ionising radiation have to show annually the results of the examination to the Nuclear Safety Council. These examinations must be made in authorised centres, to which workers must put in contact with the health office.

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