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Emergency drill at the Faculty of Pharmacy. Burjassot Campus

  • April 1st, 2022

This Thursday, 31st March, the Health and Safety and the Environment Service of the Universitat de València has successfully completed an emergency drill at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Burjassot Campus.

The action has had the collaboration and participation of the Provincial Fire-Fighting Department of València, in particular with the team of the Burjassot and Paterna Fire Stations. The Burjassot local police also took part to control traffic and pedestrians.

On this occasion, a fire was simulated in the library of the Biochemistry department on the third floor, by generating smoke. The plant emergency team led by the Chief of Intervention of the centre tried to control the incident with the use of the nearest fire extinguisher and equipped fire hydrant.

Chief of Intervention handling an Equipped Fire Hydrant


Given the magnitude of the emergency, the building's emergency protocol was activated, which included the mobilisation of the entire emergency team, the total evacuation of the building and reporting the emergency to "1-1-2 Valencian Community".

The evacuation of the building, with a total of approximately 4,000 users, went smoothly until the arrival of the firefighters.

All members of the Centre's Emergency Team actively participated in the evacuation of the building.

Firefighter maneuvers

The drill is part of the process of implementing the centre's Self-Protection Plan, a process that has also included the prior designation of the building's emergency team, its theoretical and practical training and the review of the available means of protection, access to the centre, definition of external help reception points, visits by firefighters and the installation of evacuation plans or You are here plans for the building.

Carrying out of this type of exercise aims to disseminate and improve the integration of the preventive culture throughout the university community, as provided for in the Occupational Risks Prevention Plan of the Universitat de València.


It would be necessary to thank the interest and effort shown throughout the implementation process of the Self-Protection Plan by the administrator of the center, Vicente Cacho, and the services coordinator, Enrique Gallego.

Observers and members of the Emergency Team


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