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In all radioactive facilities there is an Emergency Plan that is a part of the mandatory documentation of the setting up of the radioactive facility. It contains the rules of action in the event of a radiological accident, that is to say, if normal control over radioactive material is lost. The IEPs of each radioactive facility of the Universitat de València, belonging to IRA/1737, are listed in Annex II and III of PTR-13 of the Radiation Protection Manual.

If the occurred accident does not cause contamination or personal radiation, it is considered as an incident and does not activate the Emergency Plan of the radioactive facility. The Emergency Plan is activated only if there is contamination and/or external radiation of personnel or possibility of internal contamination.

In the event of a radiological accident, the provisions of Safety Guide 7.5 (2005) shall be taken into account. Actions to be taken in the case of persons who have suffered a radiological accident, from the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN).

In addition, the CSN should be informed of the incident or radiological incident, as established in Instruction IS-18 (2008) on the criteria applied by the Nuclear Safety Council to require the owners of radioactive facilities to notify radiological events and incidents.

People who are to participate in the Emergency Plan must know the facility properly and be familiar with radiation protection. They will be controlled by personal dosimetry.