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Service Information

(Documentation: EL SIUV RESPON - Computer Classroom)

The classroom environment describes the remote maintenance service of the teaching and free access classrooms managed in the Classrooms domain.

This service allows to maintain applications and operating system of the computers of those classrooms that are hosted, using an Active Directory to configure the use policies and a RIS server for the remote installation of the images of the PCs. The scope of application is restricted to PC with Windows XP operating system. The equipment must meet minimum requirements.

The applications that are installed in the Classrooms domain must have the corresponding use license, and in the application form for installation of an application it is essential to fill in the corresponding section.

The use of some operating system resources is restricted to avoid inappropriate uses; however, it is possible to study permit changes in unique cases for specific uses that need it.

The requests for installation of the applications and the incidents of operation of equipment and applications will be processed by means of a request to the CAU using the corresponding entries to Computer Rooms.