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ERI-Talk - Romane Dahan: "Exposition of cognitive integration models and comprehension in comic reading"

  • April 26th, 2024
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May 3rd 2024. 12:00h. Onsite session. Language: Spanish.

Exposition of cognitive integration models and comprehension in comic reading

Romane Dahan

University of Aix-Marseille (France)


Current media almost always combine two types of components in their messages: verbal and visual (illustration). From comics to more sophisticated platforms like television, laptops, and mobile devices, this type of reading raises theoretical questions about the impact of each component on the cognitive processes that allow the integration of this information of different nature.

Proposals to answer these questions are still inconclusive, as there are competing opinions on models of reading comprehension on one hand and cognitive processing of images on the other. Therefore, trends regarding the effectiveness of multimedia text processing (with verbal and visual components) are divided. Some believe that images should enable better memorization of the text, while others argue that the reader's attention cannot effectively process both types of information to create a final high-level representation due to cognitive load.

However, studies seem to indicate that the effective integration of components in this type of text depends on the function that the image serves in relation to the text. Proposed models to explain the integration of verbal and visual components of multimedia texts will be presented, and the results of some studies conducted to date on this type of reading will be discussed.



Romane Dahan is in the final year of her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at Aix-Marseille University (France). She is conducting research internships with the ERI-Reading laboratory on the Lepanto project under the supervision of Amelia Mañá. She is working on her bachelor's thesis on the topic of comic book reading. She completed a one-year stay at the University of Palermo (Italy). Before enrolling in the Psychology program, she studied Anthropology at the National University of Córdoba (Argentina) and graduated from the Provincial Conservatory of Music.