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Workshop on Data transformations on qualitative and quantitative variables

  • September 21st, 2023
Sławomir Pasikowski
Sławomir Pasikowski

On September 28, 2023, 9:30 to 11:30h, we will run an online workshop on "Data transformations on qualitative and quantitative variables" in the framework of the "Acciones de Internacionalización en Casa" of the School of Psychology. Attendance will be recognised as a "Specific Activity" by the Doctoral Programme in "Reading and Comprehension". The workshop is in charge of Dr. Sławomir Pasikowski (Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Lodz).

Date and time: September 28, 2023, 9:30 to 11:30h. 

Format: Presential

Location: Facultat de Psicologia i Logopèdia (room M204, Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology, 2nd floor)

Language: English



Description: The aim of the seminar is to familiarize participants with the concept of data transformation. Data transformation is a prerequisite not only when the goal is to compare the distributions of two or more variables expressed in different units of measurement but also when the distributions must conform to the criteria imposed by data analysis methods. The seminar will cover the objectives of implementing transformation procedures, the theoretical basis of transforming variable distributions, and the advantages and disadvantages of the methods used for these transformations. Examples in Excel or SPSS will be used during the presentation.

Professor's bio: Associate professor at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Lodz. Dr hab. in Educational Sciences, specializations: methodology of scientific research in education, PhD in Education, MA in psychology and education, post graduate diploma in statistics. Author of publications on issues in social research methodology and education. Vice-chair of the Pedagogical Research Methodology Section at the Committee on Pedagogical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Member of the European Association of Methodology, the Polish Society of Educational Diagnostics, the Research Tools Laboratory at the Committee on Pedagogical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In his research and teaching work, he devotes himself to social research methodology and statistics. His main research interests are measurement in education, methodological orientations, attitudes toward statistics and research methodology, and academic training in research methodology.