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Reading habits during the confinement by COVID-19

In this study we anaylse how the confinement by COVID-19 is affecting our reading habits. Do we read more or less? How much time do we invest in recreational reading? And in reading news? In what format: paper or digital?



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Results report on the following link


The situation of confinement that the population has lived since the state of alarm was declared on March 14 (in Spain) and on March 9 (in Italy) due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, has generated important changes in our way of life and habits, including reading.

With the present study, coordinated by two Spanish Universities (Universitat de València and Universidad de Salamanca) and one Italian (Università degli studi di Padova), the aim is to learn about reading habits during the period of confinement in the population residing in two European states, Spain and Italy, and assess to what extent this situation has caused variations in these habits. Under this general objective, some other questions arise such as the relationship between reading habits during this period and other variables such as the situation at home, occupation, educational level, type of reading carried out, support in which it is read ...




By connecting to you can complete a questionnaire about how your reading habits change during the COVID-19 emergency. Before answering the questionnaire, you must read and sign an informed consent to participate in the study. The study data will be stored anonymously by the ERI Lectura (University of Valencia), and will be used only for research purposes. The questionnaire will take about 15 minutes to complete.



The results of the study can help us to understand how the different profiles of readers behave in an exceptional situation like the one we are in and that has never occurred before in our most recent historical and social context. When the results and conclusions are available, we will publish them on the ERI Reading website and / or we will provide them to the media.



Universitat de València, University of Salamanca, Università degli studi di Padova



The ERI-Lectura is a research structure created at the University of Valencia in collaboration with the University of Salamanca to promote research in reading and disseminate the research results of the groups that comprise it. To know more about us and to know what we do, consult the different sections of our website.

The study is carried out in collaboration with the Dipartimento di Psicologia dello Sviluppo e della Socializzazione dell’Università di Padova.


Results report on the following link enlace


Reading habits, technology, motivation, stress, confinement

Non-UV participating researchers


Ladislao Salmerón - UV


Research staff:

Barbara Arfe - UniPD

Vicenta Avila - UV

Raquel Cerdán - UV

Raquel de Sixte - USAL

Pablo Delgado - UV

Immaculate Fajardo - UV

Antonio Ferrer - UV

María García - USAL

Laura Gil - UV

Nadina Gómez - UV

Álvaro Jáñez - USAL

Gemma Lluch - UV

Amelia Mañá - UV

Lucia Mason - UniPD

Federica Natalizi - UniPD

Manuel Perea - UV

Marina Pi Ruano - UV

Luis Ramos - UV

Marta Ramos - USAL

Javier Roca - UV

Eva Rosa - UV

Javier Rosales - USAL

Alba Rubio - UV

Ladislao Salmerón - UV

Marian Serrano- UV

Noemi Skrobiszewska - UV

Pilar Tejero - UV

Cristina Vargas - UV

Marta Vergara - UV

UniPD (Università degli studi di Padova), UV (University of Valencia), USAL (University of Salamanca)

Start date
2020 April
End date
2020 July