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There are three connecting ways to access electronic resources (serials, books, data bases) which shape the Universitat de València collection:
  1. From any UV computer (library, study room, offices, training rooms, etc.)
  2. From any mobile device (laptop, tablet, telephone...) which is connected to the University’s Wi-Fi network Eduroam
  • If you are a member of the Universitat de València you have to fill in the user field with your full email.
  • If you are from another institution which is member of our network (RedIRIS, Eduroam etc) you have to fill in the user field with your full email (user@university.es) and your password. 

To do so, there you need a university email account or from any of the institutions or universities which participate in the network:

Eduroam instalator

3. From outside the Universitat: through connection with a virtual private network or VPN: in order to so you configure your computer for thr VPN