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    Faculty purchase requests.

    Teachers of the Faculty of Education, remember that you can request the purchase of books for the courses you teach, both for your research projects and for the bibliographies of degree and master's degree through the purchase form that you will find on the Trobes website: https://links.uv.es/0zVKd2K

    Research project registration form: https://links.uv.es/rEJtow2

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    We are back to our regular schedule

    We are back to our regular schedule:

    • Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 9 pm.
    • Saturdays: closed

    On Friday 8th the UV libraries will be closed for the opening of the academic year.

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    Summer schedules 2023


           ​- From Monday 31th (july) to Friday 4th: from 8:30am a 14:30pm.

           - From Monday 28th to Thursday 31th: from 8:30am a 14:30pm.

    Closed from 7th to 27th of August

    Schedules for the rest of the UV Libraries



    Aprèn courses. Open enrollment in the online courses of the Servei de Biblioteques i Documentació, 2023-2024

    The Library and Documentation Service (SBD) of the University of Valencia (UV) continues to renew the Aprèn courses.

    The SBD, in collaboration with the University Extension Service, provides training to students on competencies and digital skills needed to do academic work and/or the Final Degree Project (TFG) through two online courses, with recognition of ECTS credits in some degree programs.

    This edition will be entirely online and registration must be done before the following dates:

    • 1st ed. AprènCD until October 15, 2023.
    • 1st ed. AprènTFG until October 15, 2023.
    • 2nd ed. AprènTFG until January 28, 2024.

    The APRÈNCD and APRÈNTFG have the recognition of 1.5 credits for 54 undergraduate degrees, those who have previously requested it.

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    Real-time status of APC consumption

    Since June 26, it is possible to consult in real time the status of APC consumption of the different publishers in the Research Support Portal. On the page Discounts for Open Access Publishing, along with information on all the discount agreements offered by the Universitat de València, has also been integrated a graph updated in real time with information on the consumption of APCs. This information is very useful for the research staff, who can thus choose the journal to publish with more information, taking into account the deadlines.
    You can consult the data directly from this link.
    For any questions related to the APCs, you can write to The Library Responds.

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    New ERIC user guide

    We present a new user guide for ERIC, the most comprehensive database on education: