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  • Seleccions d'Infantil


    New thematic selections for children

    The thematic selections for children are selective bibliographies that the Biblioteca d'Educació has elaborated exclusively with the books that are part of the physical section for children (up to 12 years old).

    It contains a very varied collection in terms of themes, genres and formats: novels, short stories, illustrated albums, biographies, poetry books, theater books, comic books, three-dimensional books, books to play with, dictionaries, scientific and historical information, etc...

    This section is located on floor -1 of the building and is easily identified by the green color of its shingles. All the books included in the selections can be found there.

    The purpose of this proposal is threefold:

    • To serve as a reference and orientation for students, teachers and researchers.
    • To offer a downloadable and editable resource.
    • To improve the mastery of subject searches in the Trobes catalog.

    We invite you to take a look



  • portàtils


    Prevent theft inside the library

    Unfortunately, there have been some thefts of laptops from the libraries. We therefore ask you to be careful with your belongings. In addition, the library recommends that you use the protective items you will find at the lending desk.

    We ask you to be cautious in this situation. Act responsibly in order to finish the exam period happily.

    You can:

    • ask for padlocks for your laptop at the lending desks of the libraries of Social Sciences, Humanities, Science, Education, Health Sciences and Psychology and Sports.
    • leave your belongings in the lockers available in some libraries, such as the Education Library amd Health Sciences Library


    Do not leave your belongings unattended!

  • El meu lloc


    Service under test: Secure a study place in the library!

    "El meu lloc", a new service to reserve reading places and group work booths.

     This service is being tested and will be offered for the time being in two libraries: the "Juan Lluis Vives" Psychology and Sport Library and the "María Moliner" Education Library. From 23 May until 30 June.The "Juan Lluis Vives" Psychology and Sport Library will also reserve the group work booths with this system.

    In the library you will find a survey to give us your opinion about the service: if it is useful, if you like it, if it works well for you..

    It is important that you answer the survey to evaluate the service and decide its continuity. You can also answer the survey on this link.

    The reservation will be made through the Affluences programme. All you need is an institutional email (domain uv.es) and download the free app from the App Store o Google Play ; or access via the web.

    Secure a study place in the library! You can find all the information about the new service being tested on the website “El meu lloc”

  • Oralitat


    New resource in our Subject Guide

    ORALITAT. Educational tools and resources for learning to speak in public

    This website is the result of a Recercaixa project dedicated to promoting public speaking skills for students as well as for secondary and university level educators. A total of 19 experts will accompany you on this journey. 

    What will you find on this website?

    • Online courses: To reinforce your oral skills.
    • Tips: From experts to apply to teaching.
    • More resources: To continue learning through books and other platforms.

    We invite you to take a look around:



    Visit our Topic Guide!

  • Horari


    Extraordinary hours for the exam period

    The exam period is about to begin and the Biblioteca d'Educació informs you of its new extraordinary timetable:


    May 7 to July 1, 2022:

    • Monday to Friday 8:30 to 2:00 am
    • St, Sn & 24 June 8:15 a 2:00 am


    Rest of libraries


    REMEMBER: During exam periods, the university card will be requested to enter the libraries of the Universitat de València.

  • Literatura


    New! Our literature is no longer on loan for 15 days

    Our literature books (yellow shingle, EDU L), have become general loan, which means that they will no longer be loaned only for 15 days, but as the rest of the collection.

    See loan table.

    We hope that this improvement will be to everyone's liking.