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    Reserva les cabines de treball des de Trobes

    Ja es poden reservar les cabines de treball des del catàleg Trobes.

    A la biblioteca d'Educació disposem de dues cabines de treball on podràs fer els teus treballs de grup.

    Us recordem que tota la planta 0, és per a fer treballs en grup.



  • SEBI


    FREE online course: Protecting children's best interests in the classroom

    Hello! Are you an early childhood, primary or secondary school TEACHER and are you COMMITTED to the RIGHTS of your PUPILS?

    SEBI is a European project that aims to train teachers to protect something as important and necessary as the best interests of children.

    It is a project funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union in which 6 different countries from all over the European Union (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Portugal and Spain) participate.


    The delivery of the courses and access to the material are TOTALLY FREE.


    Of course, this course will have DOUBLE CERTIFICATION for all the teachers who take it, one from the Faculty of Law and the other from the European project.


    Are you in? https://tinyurl.com/cursoeuropeo



  • Horari


    Libraries closed October 9 and 12

    The libraries of the University of Valencia will be closed on Saturday 9 and Tuesday 12 October for holidays.

  • Dislexia


    8 October: International Dyslexia Day

    Dyslexia is a persistent and specific literacy learning disorder that occurs in children who do not have any physical, psychological or socio-cultural handicap and whose origin seems to derive from a neurodevelopmental disorder.

    In 2008 la Asociación Dislexia y Familia (DISFAM) with la Federación Española de Dislexia (FEDIS) created the campaign “Unidos por la Dislexia” with the aim of giving visibility to the specific learning difficulties caused by this language disorder.

    The aim of this day is to draw attention to this disorder and from the Biblioteca d'Educació (and as a source of information from the CEFIRE Library) we believe that it is an issue that is also of concern in the classroom.

    Bibliographic selection on dyslexia in Trobes


    More information and resources:

    Blog de la Bilioteca del CEFIRE

    Information source: CEFIRE



  • Bosco Global


    Nueva exposición en la Biblioteca d'Educació



    The project "What if it happens to you? "project, funded by the Valencia City Council, seeks to promote awareness among the Valencian population for the exercise of a positive digital citizenship and the prevention of hate speech, especially on social networks, from a human rights perspective. hate speech, especially on social networks, from a human rights perspective.

    It is part of Bosco Global's line of work on preventing the spread of hate speech on social networks, in which since 2016 it has been educational projects aimed at the prevention of risky behaviour and the propagation of the culture of peace and cordiality.


    In our library until 10 October.


    Exhibition panel



  • Aprèn


    Registration open for online courses 2021: AprènCI2 and AprènTFG

    Registration for the online courses AprènCI2 and AprènTFG organized by the Servei de Biblioteques i Documentació and aimed at undergraduate students of the Universitat de València is open until October 3. 

    • The AprènCI2 course is aimed at first and second year undergraduate students. With the course you will learn to know and use computer applications, efficiently search and navigate electronic resources and access information quickly but also ethically and legally.
    • The AprènTGF course is aimed at third and fourth year undergraduate students. With this course you will evaluate the information and its sources critically and use the information efficiently to fulfill a specific purpose: your Final Degree Project.

    The courses will run from October 4 to November 7, 2021 and are entirely online.


    All the information about the courses and enrollment is available on the blog.