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All libraries (except the Deposit Library)  have individual and/or group study areas.

A group studio cabin can be booked from the Trobes catalog. The conditions for early booking are as follows:

Target group: Students, PAS and PDI of the Universitat de València.

Loan time: maximum 3 hours.

Libraries with booths: Humanitats, Ciències, Ciències de la Salut, Educació, Ontinyent, Psicologia i Esport, Jardí Botànic.

Opening hours: The libraries only accept reservations for booths from Monday to Friday. Booths cannot be reserved on Saturdays, Sundays or non-teaching days, but can be borrowed in person at the lending desk.

Advance booking: 7 calendar days.

Simultaneous bookings per user: 1

Time to make the reservation effective: 15 minutes (after which the person who has made the reservation "loses" the exclusivity of the reservation and the cabin can be lent to another person).


To do the reservation, you must identify yourself, search the catalog and filter by library to see only the library cabins that interest you. If you cannot find your library, such as the "Gregori Maians" Social Sciences Library, it is because in this library it is not necessary to reserve group work spaces.

From the search, you can select a cabin based on the library, the capacity and the equipment of the cabin. When you select one of the search results, the screen in which the reservation button is enabled appears. In this video you can see the reservation process:


You can check the equipment of each library in its website.

In special opening hours of libraries, the users should identify themselves with the university card or any other document that certify that they are members of the University.

DNI may be requested to verify that the user is the owner of the card.