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    Biblioteca tancada la vesprada del 10 de juny


    El dijous 10 de juny la sala d'investigadors i els diferents serveis que presta la Biblioteca Historicomèdica romandran tancats durant la vesprada, des de les 14:30 h.

    La sala de lectura de la primera planta estarà oberta amb l'horari habitual.

    Disculpeu les molèsties.


  • Xaq Frohlich


    Seminar: "¿Qué es la dieta mediterránea?"

    The López Piñero Interuniversity Institute has organized the online seminar "¿Qué es la dieta mediterránea?: La reinvención de una dieta tradicional como capital biocultural” ("What is the Mediterranean diet ?: The reinvention of a traditional diet as biocultural capital"), which will be given by Xaq Frohlich on Thursday, June 3 at 12 noon. Access is free and you can follow it by clicking on the title of the seminar.


    It will analyze the transformation process by which the Mediterranean diet went from being a traditional diet, based on food customs and local agricultural practices, to being a highly promoted lifestyle, a public health tool and an icon of healthy eating, exploited and commercialized (in a decontextualized way) around the world.


    Xaq Frohlich is an assistant professor of the history of technology at Auburn University, and a research specialist at the intersection of science, law and markets in the field of food. He is currently carrying out a short research stay at the López Piñero Interuniversity Institute, taking advantage of the resources of both our library and the rest that are part of the library service at the Universitat de València.


  • Picture of the guide


    New guide with the latest works arrived at the library

    If you want to know what are the latest works on the history of science, medicine and technology that have been incorporated into the Historicomèdica Library, from now on you can do so by consulting the new guide in web format that we have prepared with the LibGuides.


    Inside you will find the new monographs and the latest journal issues that are coming to the library during this second quarter, as well as a small selection of recent e-books and e-journals (available online for UV members), which, due to their subject matter, we think that may interest you. Each of the works carries the basic data to identify it (as well as a brief summary in monographs) and the link to its record in the Trobes catalog.


    To access the guide you can (in addition to using the link below) go to the "Collection" menu, "Latest acquisitions" tab; or within this same page of "News" click on the banner that you will find with the name "Latest acquisitions of the library".


    Link to the guide "Novetats Biblioteca Historicomèdica"


  • Portrait of Joan Peset


    80th anniversary of the death of Peset Aleixandre

    Monday May 24 marks the 80th anniversary of the execution of Joan Peset Aleixandre, who was professor and dean of the Faculty of Medicine and also rector of the Universitat de València from 1932 to 1934. For this reason, the Universitat de València will pay tribute to him with an institutional ceremony in the Cloister, which will be broadcast live on the internet.


    We also want to remember this date, and take the opportunity to remind you that within the Fons Peset, a donation from Vicent Peset Llorca that also includes Joan Peset's documents and books, we make available to researchers various of his medical manuscripts, as well as some letters (including some adhesions to the petition for clemency). In addition, we have recently also received a copy of Procés a Joan Peset Aleixandre, the facsimile published by the Universitat de València on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of his death, and which contains copies of all the documents that made up the case file, as well as a study on it.


    Precisely within this book is the article Vida i mort de Joan Peset, by María Fernanda Mancebo and Marc Baldó, which you can read online by clicking on the link. Also from the same authors you have available in the Roderic repository the chapter Juan Peset Aleixandre: científico, político, ciudadano, taken from the book Republicanos en la memoria: Azaña y los suyos.


  • Piece of the blog header


    New volume of "Sabers en acció"

    Sabers en acció / Saberes en acción ('Knowledges in action' in English) is the name of a joint project, in blog format, of the Institut Interuniversitari López Piñero with the Societat Catalana d’Història de la Ciència i de la Tècnica, where there are published different entries on the history of science, technology and medicine, written by researchers from these institutions.


    After the first fifty chapters or posts, grouped by historical periods, they have already started a second volume or part, organized thematically, which will contain sections dedicated to "science and religion", "expert knowledges", "science and democracy", "environment" , "medical pluralism", "technologies in action", "scientific language" or "nutrition and health".


    You can see the entire news on the website of the Institut Interuniversitari López Piñero, or go directly to the website of Sabers en Acció (available in Spanish or Catalan).


  • Cover of Culture & History Digital Journal, v.10, n.1


    Publication of the Dossier "Cultural Histories of Science in Franco’s Spain"

    The scientific journal Culture & History Digital Journal, published by the CSIC, dedicates its latest issue to science and technology during the Franco regime, with the title Cultural Histories of Science in Franco’s Spain and a thematic dossier that has been coordinated by researchers Enric Novella, (Institut Interuniversitari López Piñero) and Ricardo Campos, (Instituto de Historia del CSIC).


    In addition to Novella himself, we can also find among the collaborators other researchers from the Institut López Piñero, such as José Ramón Bertomeu Sánchez and Silvia Pérez-Criado.


    The issue, in open access and with most articles in English, is already published and its contents can be accessed by clicking on this link:

    Culture & History Digital Journal, vol.10, n.1 (2021)