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There are two available ways to obtain a copy of a library document: by self-copy or by order.


The Library allows the use of mobile devices (phones and tablets) to reproduce documents, after prior authorisation from the library staff, using the Self-Copy Request Form (one for each work).

The use of images taken by users must comply with current legislation on copyright and intellectual property. It will be possible to reproduce "a chapter of a book, a journal article or equivalent extension of a similar publication, or an extension equivalent to 10 percent of the total of the work" (art.32.4, LPI, Spanish copyright law).

In addition, the user must also comply with the following rules:

  • The images obtained by Self-Copy may only be used for research purposes and for private use. The corresponding authorisation for public use must be requested from the Library for any other use (commercial, public communication, paper or digital, including its use on social media and on the Internet).
  • Devices should not use flash for taking pictures and should be in silent mode to avoid disturbing other users.
  • The photographs will be taken in the Researchers Room, with the Library staff being present.
  • The Library staff will inspect the works before being photographed. They will also give directions for the correct handling of the documents. 
  • The pages to be photographed will be shown to the Library staff.
  • The documents shall not be manipulated at any time to improve the image quality: they shall not be folded, pressed or rearranged.
  • Unbound documents shall be photographed in the original order.
  • Folded pages shall be photographed with extreme caution.

It is forbidden:

  • To photograph the same work successively.
  • To use flash, tripod or additional objects for taking pictures.
  • To audio and/or video record.
  • To photograph the Library staff, the Research Room or other researchers.
  • Works already digitalised and available through Somni (the Digital Library of the Universitat de València) are not allowed for photography purposes.


By order

Although the Historical Medical Library does not offer a specialised reproduction service, copies of the Library’s historical collections can be requested in paper, photographic or digital format. Prior request to the Library coordinator is required. This will be carried out by the Reprography Service of the Historical Library (or a company specified by the Universitat), which will determine the corresponding cost of the project. The process will be carried out once the cost has been accepted and paid.
For more information on the cost of this procedure, please visit the Charges section of the Historical Library website.

Following the Self-Copy rules, any reproduction must comply with current legislation on copyright and intellectual property, and the corresponding authorisation for public use must be requested from the Library.