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Description of the service

The libraries of the University of Valencia offer training sessions according to the needs of each group of users.
These "customised training" sessions may consist of:
  • Sessions about topics programmed by the libraries but in dates and hours to the ones offered. 
  • Sessions about non-contemplated topics in the libraries programming, related to one topic or information resource.

For example:

  • Information sources about women and globalisation.
  • Sources about the market analysis.
The customised training sessions may be requested by:
  • PDI (teaching and research staff), both for their personal training and for groups of students in which subjects are taught.
  • Students
  • Adminstrative and Service Staff
To teach a customised session a minimum of 5 persons is required. For a smaller number of users contact the library.
  • The request must be made in advance so that the library can schedule it in its calendar.
  • The library staff will contact applicants in order to set the request and confirm the session.
  • The training sessions will be taught in the libraries or classrooms of the university.