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The University of Valencia, as a five-hundred-year-old institution, has always been characterized by its innovative attitude and by being a meeting point for different activities that promote the approximation between knowledge, research and society. Thus, we wanted once again to host in Valencia and its historic University the Sessions TVMorfosisCONTD as a focus of discussion between the different agents of the audiovisual industry and the scientific and research community.

We are pleased that this XVIII edition of TVMorfosis has chosen as a main focus of interest the reflection and analysis on the dissemination of science in the digital environment, since it is key that our Audiovisual Communication system integrates in its international media flow that transfer of knowledge that the Universities make to society and its productive sectors. But, in addition, this initiative has also bet on creativity and talent.

In the III edition of TVMorfosis/CONTD, as it is normal in this format, the meeting point between experts, professionals, academics and young students has been promoted. The aim of it is discussing with the different agents involved in the production chain in order to contribute points of view to enrich and strengthen the quality of audiovisual content in scientific communication. With this, we have transferred added value to our cultural and creative industries and we have proposed that the new framework of the audiovisual communication system should also focus on quality audiovisual cultural and scientific content.

The truth is that the convergence of initiatives that we have hosted at this meeting in Valencia has had good results. The activities have been several:

  • Presentation of the first co-production between the countries that coordinate TVMorfosis (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Spain) with the TV series Vidas y Bebidas. This audiovisual production portrays the multicolored diversity of beverages based on fermentation and distillation in Ibero-American region and its irradiation throughout the world, discovering the day-to-day of its producers, customers, experts, fans and distributors. Their different microstories also portray those spaces where people celebrate their life stories together with food, word and responsible drink. Vidas y Bebidas is a permanent dialogue between people who have been modeling landscapes and ways of living through time, from the different processes and techniques of elaboration. In short, it is a look that integrates history, economy, science and culture.
  • The development of the different live sections of the participatory television format TVMorfosis, focused this year on the "Audiovisual Communication of Science", has introduced for the first time a Co-production Workshop for projects that contemplate the dissemination of science, as well as it allows the visibility of the projects presented in a pitching to give them viability in the audiovisual industry. TVMorfosis/CONTD has addressed in this edition the impact that the Internet is causing with the radical change of the relations between the actors involved in the public communication of science, creating a more open and participatory environment, in which innovation plays a fundamental role. This new paradigm is fostering an extraordinarily rich development of formats, styles and ways of diffusion, in which creativity seems to have no limits. In an area where online video already represents more than 70% of all data traffic on the network, the scientific audiovisual content becomes a key to communicate science in an attractive way for the general public. However, the new ecosystem sets out many challenges that producers, broadcasters and audiences will have to solve as soon as possible.
  • And also the holding of the Directing Council of the Asociación de las Televisiones Educativas y Culturales de Iberoamérica (ATEI), which has laid the foundations for the modernization of this entity in the change of cycle of the global media system immersed in digital multicasting.

Therefore, initiatives and projects have been launched and they need now to begin their development and consolidation. Perhaps, we have already achieved our objectives with the project TVmorfosis in this edition of Valencia, which obliges us, all the members, to overcome new challenges to enrich this initiative that we came from the hand of the Master Torres and the canal 44 years ago.

Down below we present some new goals for a TVMorfosis over the 2020 year, within the framework of a broader digital agenda:

  • To look for a greater linkage of TVMorfosis with an ATEI that we must relaunch.
  • To improve the richness of the format introducing a more transmedia emission interface with more complementary contents.
  • To expand participation in the project so that countries such as Argentina, Chile, Portugal and others can strengthen our Ibero-American geography.
  • To put digital university platforms and televisions to the forefront of digital broadcasting, making them a great aggregator of quality content for the dissemination of science and cultural diversity within the framework of the new ATEI.
  • To make our co-productions a normal activity from the workshops and work groups that we insert in the programme in each of our editions. To manage that products reach screens as a result of everyone's work.
  • To become a communicative reference of public initiative in the new media system, where our content in the cloud is highly valued.
  • To implement masters, workshops or courses shared between our Universities to involve our students more in the design of new audiovisual formats, and in this way the piching program would be a reality in all editions of TVMorfosis.
  • To open new permanent streams of shared and online work through routines fostered by shared computing in ftps and other devices.
  • And, finally, to achieve the convergence of the diversity of Ibero-American university audiovisual contents in a possible shared intake and metadata that speak to each other, in a fully collaborative way, from TVMORFOSIS.

These should be at least our horizons if we want to rewrite our story in continuity.
Valencia June 3, 2017


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