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Conferència d'obertura MAES 2022/23

  • 15 de setembre de 2022
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Conferència d'obertura MAES 2022/23 a càrrec de la professora Anja Müller-Wood, Catedràtica de Literatura i Cultura Angleses de la Universitat Guttenberg de Magúncia, que tindrà lloc el 3 d'octubre a les 18 h en el Salón de Actos.

Anja Müller-Wood is professor of English Literature and Culture at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz (Germany), which she joined after studying and working at the universities of Marburg and Trier. The author of Angela Carter: Identity Constructed/Deconstructed (1997) and The Theatre of Civilized Excess: New Perspectives on Jacobean Tragedy (2007), she has published extensively on early modern and twentieth-century British literature and culture and edited several essay collections, most recently Translating Renaissance Experience (2020) and “When Dialogue Fails” (2022), a special issue of the journal Language and Dialogue.