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  • Master’s Degree Final Project: 15 ECTS assigned (375 working hours) The purpose is for the Master’s students to show their maturity when  dealing with a subject of research, bibliographical or experimental, related to the contents of the Master’s. They should do it during all  the course in part-time in such a way that it does not obstruct the  possibility to obtain the degree of the Master’s in the established time.
  • Work placements: 15 ECTs of optional nature. Its aim is for the Master’s students to have the chance to know how to integrate their training  acquired in this Master’s and the demands of the world of work. The assignment of 15 ECTS credits is compatible with the fact that they  can be carried out during all the year in part-time schedule, making  thus easier their compatibility with those face-to-face in classroom and  the fulfilment of the Undergraduate Degree Final Project.
  • Research techniques: 15 ECTs which allow students to study the research  orientation, obtain the necessary abilities and skills for carrying out the doctoral thesis.