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For this, the Master’s Degree in Law by the University of Valencia expects to provide to those who take the course with the following competences:

  • To have, understand and develop skills that make it posible to apply specialised academic knowledge acquired in the degree to the changing reality that the lawyers face in order to avoid situations of damage, risk or conflict in relation to the interests entrusted or their professional exercise before courts or public authorities and in the counseling functions.
  • Knowledge of the techniques aimed to enquiry and establishment of facts in the different types of procedures, especially the creation of documents, questioning and expert evidence.
  • Knowledge of and ability to fit in the defence of the rights of the client in the framework of national and international jurisdictional custody systems.
  • Knowledge of the different interest composition techniques and know how to find solutions to problems by means of alternative methods to the legal proceedings.
  • Knowledge of and ability to apply the rights and obligations present in the professional code of ethics in the relations of the lawyer with the client, the other parts, the court or public authority and between lawyers.
  • Knowledge of and capacity to evaluate the different responsibilities linked to the exercise of the professional activity, including the basic workings of free legal aid and the promotion of the social responsibility of the lawyer.
  • Ability to identify conflicts of interests and know the techniques for their decision, establish the reach of professional secrecy and confidentiality, and preserve the independency of criteria.
  • • Ability to identify the requirements of provision and organisation decisive for legal aid.
  • Knowledge of and ability to apply in practice the organisative, management and commercial environment of the profession of lawyer, as well as its associative, legal, labour and personal data protection legal framework.
  • To develop abilities and skills for choosing the correct strategy for the defence of the rights of the clients taking in account the demands of the different areas of professional exercise.
  • Ability to develop skills that allow the lawyer to improve efficiency in his/her work and promoting global workings of the team or body where he/she carries it by means of access of sources of information, language proficiency, knowledge management and management of techniques and applied tools.
  • Knowledge and ability to organise and plan the available individual and collective resources for the exercise in its different organisative modalities of the profession of lawyer.
  • Capacity to present orally and in written form, and to extract with arguments legal consequences, attending the context and the addressee to which is directed, according in each case with the own modalities of each procedural area.
  • Ability to carry out professional tasks in specific and interdisciplinary teams.
  • Ability to carry out interpersonal skills and capacities, which facilitate the exercise of the profession of lawyer in their relations with citizens, with other professionals and with institutions.