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  • May 10th, 2023
Cartel MIM.

Lecture series of the Master in Marketing and Market Research

Last March, on the 29th, 30th and 31st, the first MIM conferences were held in the Manuel Sánchez Ayuso room of the Faculty of Economics.

The inauguration was attended by the presentation of the Postgraduate Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Dr. Dolores Montagud Mascarell, the Director of the Department of Marketing and Market Research Dr. Marcelo Royo Vela and the Director of the Official Master's Degree in Marketing and Market Research Dr. Antonio C. Cuenca Ballester. The conferences were held over three sessions in which 6 speakers from companies with excellent performance in marketing took part.

On the first day there were:

Mrs. Guillermina Bastida, Director of Communication of the FERNANDEZ-VEGA OPHTHALMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE, who presented the paper "Corporate Communication: The harmony of the company".

Mr. Carlos Díaz, COSENTINO's Head of Final Consumer in the digital area worldwide, presented his paper "Analog Companies in the Digital World".

On the second day there were:

Ms. Cristina Pérez, Head of Innovation & Commerce at KANTAR, “Beyond conventional market research: Audience Panels, Agile Platforms, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience and Virtual Reality. How do we do it at KANTAR?

Mr. José Carlos Martínez, Chief Executive Officer at CONSULTIA BUSINESS TRAVEL, who presented the paper "Opening markets or how the Internet came to all parts of the world" in which he told us about his experience as: Global Market Development Manager for INTEL Corporation.

On the third day there were:

Ms. Isabel Martínez, specialist in digital advertising, who gave her presentation “Purchasing processes in the field of digital advertising”.

Mr. Álex Salvador, Marketing Director of CÁRNICAS SERRANO, who gave his presentation "SERRANO: a fight against inattention"

The conferences closed with a high level of attendance, both from the students of the master's degree, as well as from professors and other public, as can be seen in the images.