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Aim and objectives

Both public and private industries and entities need to have professionals who know how to analyse the market and the consumer demand; as well as researchers ready to move forward within marketing knowledge. It can be said that, apart from working as wage-earner in any kind of industry and activity, these studies train future entrepreneurs and researchers. This way, the aim of the master's is defined as:

The commitment in the specialised training both on an academic and researching level in the marketing field, in order to respond to the social demand of university specialists with a solid training for research and decision in marketing.

The general objective is to make the students learn how to develop their functions in marketing specific industries (such as market research institutes, advertisement agencies, media and consulting agencies, distribution industries, etc.), or in the departments of marketing of any public or private industry. In any case, they must be able to ethically work in every sector and in most industries of any country; considering that, in the future, they will be the people responsible, among others, of the sales campaign, image and marketing of the products, or of the studies of public opinion apart from marketing researches and surveys of public opinion.

More specifically, the previous aim is concreted in the following specific objectives which try to respond both the academic and researching character of the suggested postgraduate:

  • To train competent specialists able to develop marketing decisions in industries (manufacturers, traders, distributors, advertisers, market research institutes and advertisement agencies, among others) and non-profit organisations.
  • To train competent specialists able to develop accurate and relevant research within the national and international context.
  • To offer a postgraduate specialised in marketing and marketing research with different specialisations that respond the business needs (conclusion of the 3rd Conferences of ITM taking place in Madrid in 2005).
  • To provide the specialists with the skills required for research and decision in marketing.
  • To provide the specialists with the competences and social skills both for the individual and the team work.
  • To ease their job-placement in marketing with an adequate comprehension of their role and their relationship with other inexperienced professionals in marketing.