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The teaching staff of the Official Master's Degree in Remote Sensing is composed of doctors of the University of Valencia belonging to the departments of Earth Physics and Thermodynamics, Electronic Engineering and Geography. Some professors of the University of Castilla-La Mancha have also participated in all the editions of the Master's.

The research activity of all the professors of the Master's is framed in the context of Remote Sensing, where some began to develop in 1978 and the quality of which is supported by the numerous publications of that time. The need for training in Remote Sensing of students who were integrated into the research units of our departments has been the trigger for the training offer in which we have embarked.

Some of these students currently develop their professional activity in non-university environments both nationally and internationally, while others develop their professional activity in the University of Valencia, within the various units of research related to remote sensing of our university departments.

In recent years, the developed research has been supported both by the central government (with projects of the National R & D Plan) and the autonomous government. We are related, through research projects in which they participate, to first class research centres like the NASA or ESA, having now funding of more than a dozen research projects in the area of Remote Sensing both from the European Union and the European Space Agency and other bodies.